One Ads was founded in 1996 and has served the digital advertising industry since there was one!

We started out way back in the 90’s with a single goal in mind: To help people and companies move into the digital age. Here we are over 20 years later and the goal is the same. 

We’ve chaged a lot over the years but still we strive to help people navigate the other world they live in — the digital world. It’s not always easy and there are so many gurus and experts ready to help. 

We believe in the first principles of Internet Marketing: 

  1.  Work it while it works, then make a course and sell it when it starts slowing down.
  2. No one (NO ONE) is going to teach you something because they “have to give back” or just for the “love of helping others”. 
  3. Email lists will live forever.
Interesting trivia about our logo. We based our logo on the big creepy eye logo from the old Colombian Broadcasting System television network. How true was that?