How I Beat Google’s Core Update by Changing the Game

Google released a major update. They typically don’t announce their updates, but you know when they do, it is going to be big. And that’s what happened with the most recent update that they announced. A lot of people saw their traffic drop. And of course, at the same time,…

How Marketing Software Can Transform Your Online Business

How do companies navigate the In the modern era, marketing has evolved. There is now “traditional” marketing, and then there is the almost entirely different field of digital marketing. The former uses methods like flyers, TV, and radio while the latter relies on the Internet, smartphones, social media , and…

7 Advanced SEO Strategies I’m Trying to Implement Before 2020

Google makes over 3,200 algorithm changes per year. That’s a lot of changes. Just think about that for a minute… and let that sink in. It’s roughly 9 changes per day. So how can you beat this gigantic company at their own game and rank high? Especially when you consider…

How to Generate More Traffic with Google’s New Features

The post How to Generate More Traffic with Google’s New Features appeared first on Neil Patel.
You’re probably already familiar with Google My Business. If you aren’t, as a quick recap, Google My Business is a simple way to claim your office address or storefront on Google. That way, when someone searches…

Rank in Google Maps Fast – Top 10 critical ranking signals revealed (2019)

Learn how to rank in Google maps fast with my latest tutorial.

In this video, I show you the 10 most important signals Google uses to rank Local businesses in its maps and what you need to do so your business appears in the Google map pack (top 3 businesses) in your area for the services or products you offer.

To help you navigate through the video you can use the menu below to jump to the ranking signal you are most interested in

Ranking signal number 10#
Claim your GMB listing and make sure it is 100% complete 1:31

Ranking signal number 9#
Domain authority of your website. 2:24

Ranking signal number 8#
Consistency of your business Citations 3:36

Ranking signal number 7#
Does your Google My business category Match a broader Category of the search Category 5:28

Ranking signal number 6#
Quality of Links pointing to your website 6:50

Ranking signal number 5#
Is the location of your businesses included in your Google my business title 8:05

Ranking signal n# 4
Is the service you offer or product your sale part of your Google my business title? 9:42

Ranking signal n# 3
The business category associated to your Google My business profile 11:12

Ranking signal n# 2
Is your physical address in the city of search? 12:30

Ranking signal n# 1
The proximity of the business address to the searcher 13:14

Focusing on these ranking signals is a sure way of climbing onto the highly desired Google map pack podium

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