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Distributing your video marketing content to multiple platforms can help you get more followers and web traffic. With the emergence of video sharing sites like Dailymotion, BlipTV, MetaCafe, and YouTube, you can find tens of thousands of people who want to see your video. But, if you distribute your videos to the wrong sites, you won’t get the exposure you really need for your content to rise to the top. Today, the process for distributing your videos involves uploading them to sites like YouTube, Dailymotion, BlipTV, MetaCafe, Mefiu, and many others. However, before you can distribute your video on any of these sites, you have to go through the application process and submit your information., there are less stringent rules and they accept all media types other than still images.

When you upload your video on YouTube, you can choose to publish it only in html format. The video is automatically saved in flash format if you choose flash, but if you want to publish your video in html format, you have to go through the application process. So, if you were uploading a video on YouTube with a still image, and you wanted to publish it on your blog, or your web site, you have to choose to save your video in html format. If you chose flash format, then you then have to upload your video on your profile page, and also on your channel page, after that, you can publish it to the various websites and video sharing sites.

If you want to publish your video on your blog, you can publish it as an html video, you can publish it in flash format, and it will automatically save in html format., MetaCafe, Mefiu, and Blip are the three video sharing sites I’m excluding. These sites also accept still images, but not video. There are thousands of sites that also accept videos, if you search, you will find dozens that accept still images, and thousands that accept video., you must provide the blip video site code, which is the same code you need to upload videos to sites. There are thousands of sites that accept video, and thousands that accept still images.

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